Biorex Partner with ESfEQA, the European Society for External Quality Assessment

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Partnership with ESfEQA, the European Society for External Quality Assessment

Biorex Diagnostics are pleased to announce that we have formed a new partnership with ESfEQA, the European Society for External Quality Assessment. Through this new partnership, we can offer laboratories new opportunities for the participation in internationally recognised external quality assessment schemes.
External Quality Assessment (EQA) Programs enable laboratories to compare their results with other laboratories in order to maintain and to improve the quality of the analytical performance. Thus, it complements the daily use of internal quality controls manufactured and offered by Biorex Diagnostics.
The ESfEQA GmbH was founded 2013 in Heidelberg, Germany. Currently, ESfEQA provides over 50 EQA programs in the area of biochemistry, Haematology, microbiology/virology and immunology. ESfEQA is accredited according to ISO/IEC 17043:2010 by the German accreditation board DAkkS.

EQA Programs by ESfEQA

The ESfEQA portfolio covers most of the analytical parameters that are offered by Biorex Diagnostics. This gives Biorex Diagnostics distributors the opportunity to support their customers with corresponding EQA programs.
The most popular programs like Clinical Chemistry and Haematology are offered as monthly programs with one sample per month and as quarterly programs with two samples per quarter. Participants can choose between these programs according to their preference or regulatory requirements.
ESfEQA offers high quality samples, state-of-the-art statistical evaluation and intuitively understandable reports. For further information about the ESfEQA programs please check the attached catalogue or visit the ESfEQA website

ESfEQA service

The ESfEQA external quality assessment programs are supported by the web application TEQA that enables participants to configure their account (selection of analytical instrument, method and reagent), submit their results and retrieve the reports. The reports enable the participant to evaluate the laboratory results within the peer-group (e.g. same instrument, same method) but also to the results of all participants.

Launch program

We have selected the Clinical Chemistry program with 31 analytical parameters and the Infectious Disease Program (anti-HIV, anti-HCV, anti-HBc and HBsAg) for the launch of this cooperation project. Participants can enrol for the second half of 2017 in the monthly Clinical Chemistry program (CC12 program with six samples for July to December), the quarterly Clinical Chemistry program (CC4 with 2 samples each for the surveys in July and October) and the quarterly Infectious Disease program (INF with 2 samples each for the surveys in July and October).
Please contact us for the participation in other programs as listed in the ESfEQA catalogue and not included in the launch program.


Pricing depends on the market environment, ordering volume and regulatory requirements in the respective country. Please contact Biorex Diagnostics for pricing details for the Clinical Chemistry Program and ESfEQA for the Infectious Disease Program.


All samples for the Clinical Chemistry survey will be shipped in one shipment from Biorex Diagnostics to the local distributor.
The samples for the Infectious disease program will be shipped from ESfEQA to the local distributor.
The shipping costs from Biorex Diagnostics and ESfEQA to the distributor will be invoiced to the distributor.

Ordering process

The orders for the Clinical Chemistry program will be handled via the established ordering process between the distributor and Biorex Diagnostics (
Please contact ESfEQA via e-mail ( for the ordering of the Infectious disease programs. ESfEQA will register you so that you can place your order.
The deadline for ordering the launch surveys for the 3rd and 4th quarter is 12th June 2017, for the 4th quarter only is 10th August 2017.

We will be pleased if you will complement your portfolio by the external quality assessment programs of ESfEQA and thus offer the complete range of equipment (instruments, reagents, calibrators, internal controls and external controls) to medical laboratories.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Biorex Diagnostics Limited & ESfEQA GMBH

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